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The Drop Line

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January: Volume 2 – Issue 1
Welcome 2017!

February: Volume 2 – Issue 2
Cold Weather Keeping You Indoors?

Previous Issues

Volume 1 - 2016

January: Volume 1 – Issue 1
Start the New Year Off Right!

February: Volume 1 – Issue 2
Communication is a Key to Success

March: Volume 1 – Issue 3
The Spring Allergy Season is Upon Us!

April: Volume 1 – Issue 4
New Beginnings This Spring!

May: Volume 1 – Issue 5
Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month!

June: Volume 1 – Issue 6
Summertime Fun!

July: Volume 1 – Issue 7
Dr. Z’s Mailbag!

August: Volume 1 – Issue 8
Back to School!

September: Volume 1 – Issue 9
Welcome Fall…a.k.a Ragweed Season!

October: Volume 1 – Issue 10
Working Together With Your Doctor’s Office

November: Volume 1 – Issue 11
Proper Asthma Inhaler Technique

December: Volume 1 – Issue 12
Tips for Dealing with Food Allergies during the Holidays

First Issue

December 2015: Holiday Issue