Which Test Is better?

This is an ongoing question that the doctors at Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island have looked into. More primary care physicians are obtaining screened lab work that oftentimes provides more questions than answers.

Skin Testing

Skin testing, particularly for environmental allergens, is more sensitive. AAPRI finds that mold allergens are usually the cause for a patient’s sinus issues, and many times this is not noted until the second round or intradermal testing.

Skin prick testing, particularly for very young children, is much easier than attempting a blood draw and often times less expensive. Children are typically more bothered by the anticipation of the test then by any accompanying itching related to positive test results. Many times, AAPRI offers a topical anesthetic to aid in the skin testing.

Blood testing for allergies

Blood Testing

Blood testing for allergies is helpful in following counts of positive food immunoCAPs. It is also helpful if patients are unable to stop using antihistamines due to constant hives, being dermographic, or having severe eczema.

If you are interested in learning more about skin and blood testing, contact us directly for more information.