Welcome to Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island (AAPRI). We take pride in our patient care and we are continuously striving to improve interaction with new patients and our returning patients alike. Please review the following information, as it may help you to better understand your upcoming visit.

Girl in the field of dandelionsOne of the biggest changes at the allergist’s office is that many people coming in for allergy evaluations are no longer coming simply for seasonal allergies. An underlying allergy may be the cause of a patient’s symptoms, but the underlying cause, which has been addressed multiple times by their primary care physician, is not a straightforward thing. We are seeing increasing numbers of patients with unusual allergic reactions such as recurrent hives, frightening food allergies, persistent cough, continuous sinus symptoms, and itching, just to name a few. It takes time to fully understand allergies. Your visit may take up to two hours depending on how in-depth your consultation requires.

Our office will try to work with you to accommodate your schedule. It is extremely important to know any and all medications, prescription and over the counter, that you are taking. This includes any non-allergy or asthma-related medications. This list of medications will help to prevent possible drug interactions that may be harmful or reduce effectiveness of your medications. If it is difficult or too time consuming to put together a list of medications, bring all of your medications in a bag to your visit.

For all new patient appointments please bring your asthma inhaler with you. If at all possible hold your inhaler dose prior to coming in for your visit so that we can better assess lung function and reversibility.

This will also help us check your inhaler use to ensure that you are using the device properly.

All of our locations are handicap accessible; however, our Lincoln and Warwick locations may best accommodate persons with mobility issues or needing wheelchair assistance.

Save time. Prepare for your visit by filling out your required New Patient Forms in advance.

Also please be sure to review our Appointment Cancellation Policy Agreement.