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  • Tips for Dealing with Food Allergies during the Holidays

    The holiday season is a festive time of year usually spent celebrating with family and friends. There are countless events and parties to attend, eating, shopping and decorating to be done. The list goes on and on. However for those of us that suffer from food allergies, it can be a very trying time. Even if you do not have any food allergies, it’s probably a safe bet that you know someone who does. Here at AAPRI we know how

  • Proper Asthma Inhaler Use

    Here at Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island we specialize in the treatment of many allergy related problems such as asthma. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, asthma affects close to 18 million adults and over 6 million children in the United States. When it comes to asthma we along with many other practices throughout the country have noticed a rather disturbing trend. Many use their asthma inhalers incorrectly, especially children. “Without a spacer, 70 to 80

  • Halloween 2016 at AAPRI!

    Happy Halloween! We had some Halloween fun around here at the practice this year. See below for some of the AAPRI team and their great costume choices. Hopefully you all enjoyed a safe and fun Halloween too!

  • Working Together With Your Doctor’s Office

    Aiden starts coughing Wednesday afternoon. Again. His mother, Donna, frowns and goes to find the number to her doctor’s office. The last time her 8 year old started coughing, it developed into bronchitis. His asthma always makes a cold worse and she wants to make sure that does not happen again this time. Donna knows that she is off on Friday and calls Dr. Smith at the Asthma Center,  only to find out that there are no appointments on Friday, but

  • Back to School!

    Back to school is a time that excites a lot of parents and children alike. In general it is a very busy time of the year as the summer season is winding down. Here at AAPRI we begin to see many patients for re-evaluation of their seasonal and food allergies. To some this may be a normal routine; renew injectable epinephrine and continue to avoid the foods that trigger allergic reactions. However, some including growing children have not been seen