Could Helping Science Advance Help You Feel Better?

Many people view clinical trials warily, but participating doesn’t make you some kind of weird human guinea pig. These controlled assessments are anything but random shots in the dark. Here are some of the reasons that you might want to participate in a clinical trial for conditions like asthma or allergies.


1. Clinical Trials Make Life Better for Everyone


In the world of medicine, clinical trials are the gold standard by which all treatments are judged. From pharmaceutical compounds to prosthetics and other medical devices, manufacturers need to be certain that their products function as they should before releasing them into the general population.

Clinical trials are vital because they serve as late-stage proving grounds. In the process, they shed light onto whether new treatments work and inform researchers about the mechanisms of illnesses. For instance, one Mayo Clinic study worked to help understand whether certain cells in the blood might have something to do with asthma-induced inflammation. Another focused on using computer models to predict asthma conditions. Even if you don’t want to participate in a drug test, there are plenty of ways to help advance science for the benefit of sufferers just like yourself.


2. These Trials Aren’t the First Stage of Testing 


Even though many patients think of clinical trials as being preliminary experiments, they’re actually among the final phases of modern research. As the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, notes, trials only occur after lab development and various other steps.

In most cases, the first groups of human testers for a new treatment are tiny. Such arrangements minimize the potential impact of any adverse outcomes. If you don’t feel comfortable joining at these stages, there are many different opportunities for involvement.

It’s also worth considering that the medical researchers who conduct trials must provide you with full disclosure. If there are any risks associated with participating, then it’s your right to know about them and have them explained to your complete satisfaction beforehand.


3. You Gain Access to New Treatments


Of course, one of the biggest benefits of joining a clinical trial is that doing so might help you manage your allergy symptoms. If a new treatment or diagnostic method works, you’ll be able to receive it for free. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how to manage your condition.


4. You Can Get Access to Free Medical Care


In addition to receiving the tested medication at no cost, patients who participate in clinical trials also receive access to free medical care. Many people are not used to getting the kind of medical care and attention that they receive as the subject of a clinical study. As a result of this extra level of care and treatment, many subjects report feeling better than they have in a long time!


5. Receive Compensation for Your Time and Participation


Finally, one of the biggest reasons many people sign up for a clinical study is that they are often compensated for their time and participation. The amount of compensation varies based on the trial and type of medication or treatment being studied, as well as the duration of the study, and whether it is an inpatient or outpatient study.

Clinical trials serve many different purposes, but one characteristic that they all share is their focus on doing what’s best for the participants. Researchers must adhere to extremely high standards and care for their patients properly. By joining a trial, you may even discover that you receive better treatment than you would if you hadn’t participated.

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